Saturday, November 1, 2008

More "Remember When"....

While visiting some other Seguin-related blogs, I came across this one that contains photos of one of the Drill Team's uniforms from the 80's. The story itself is pretty funny. I'm not sure if it's from our time at SHS, but it sure looks familiar. What do you think, Michelle?

How many of you still have your football jerseys, drill team uniforms, concert t-shirts, or letter jackets? I panicked a few years ago when I took my letter jacket out of storage and found the sleeves were "sticky". A trip to the dry cleaners helped along with instructions not to wrap it in plastic, but in a pillowcase.
A few nights ago I added some "Police" songs to my Ipod. That got me digging high and low for my "Synchronicity" concert t-shirt. I've yet to find it....(aargghh)!

P.S. Am I the only one still hanging on to all of my cassette tapes?
P.P.S. I still have ALL of my twirling uniforms. Maybe there's a grand-daughter in my future who will want to play dress-up with them(???).



Anonymous said...

I recently sold the the last of my cassette's at our garage sale--I managed to hold on to my vinyl albums. There's NO way I'm getting rid of those even tho I don't own a turntable-lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, those are actually the improved late 1970's uniforms! They added those lovely gold sequins in the mid-80's. I still have one of those skirts with the white pom-pom trim.
Fun! Thanks for sharing!
I don't have any cassettes left, but I did download some good Police songs to my iPod... :)
Michele Norman Norris