Monday, December 22, 2008

A Time to Remember

I just got back from Seguin, where I celebrated Christmas with my siblings. It was a good visit. Not only because of the time I was able to spend with my family, but because the one thing I look forward to when I visit, is running into "old" faces. During this visit I ran into Jeff and Tracy Schuele, as well as Mrs. McKnight (Alvoyd's mother and teacher from Mary B. Erskine) and Mr. Heinemeyer.

As typical before I head back to Huntsville, I visit the cemeteries where my grandparent's and parent's are buried. During today's visit, I came upon Diane Aguilar's grave, which made me start thinking about the classmates we've lost so far. I started thinking about Alvoyd, Diane, Truda, Patricia, Marsha and difficult this time of year must be for their families. My mind went down memory lane and I thanked God for how much they touched my life....our lives....

I can still see Alvoyd walking the halls at Mary B. Erskine...his posture...his wave....his politeness...his smile;

I still see Diane's contagious smile and imagine her setting the volleyball. I remember the time at Joe F. Saegert when I was walking around the locker room in my game socks and she pushed me out into the rain;

And who can forget Truda...that laugh...her easiness to get along with everyone...her smile. I remember going to one of her parties and devouring some chili-type dip that a family member had made;

And Patricia....that giggle....her excitement in Jazz Band when it was time to play "Africa" or anything by Earth, Wind, and we were only six days apart in age.

I know several of you have precious memories of Marsha and Victor. And this is your opportunity to share those memories. Our classmates may be gone, but they continue to live when we remember them. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers during this holiday season.