Monday, November 7, 2011

We did it!

Well - we did it! We successfully passed our 25th anniversary. I know I am late in posting this but wanted to pass out some thanks again and a couple of apologies.

Looks like a couple of bios did not make it into our books - I am sorry David & Sandra! I swear they were there once. I will send them out via email.

Thanks to each of you who attended, each of ou who contributed your talents or your donations or your time. I said it then and will say it again - I was so impressed with our class. Keep in touch - use our facebook page and keep reaching out to alums so that we will have contact information for the 30th.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

25 Years Ago... Where in the World...

Where has the time gone?

Honestly - everyone says it has passed in a blink - but in some ways those days at SHS seem forever long ago....

In any case - NOW is the time to make plans to attend our 25th reunion. We are having trouble keeping up and catching up with folks - so posting this here too - just in case it might reach one more person...

Whether we keep in touch or not, whether we remember each other or even really knew each other, each member of our class is important - and very much wanted as we Celebrate Silver with the Gold and Black.

I know we all have other things to do - but make an effort - at least come to SOMETHING. You'll be missed if you don't... Thanks... let me know if you have questions. Contact me at to get the order form and info.

And we'll see you in Seguin September 16-17.....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Old Friends

The other day, if I breathed deeply enough and shut my eyes, I could almost feel the cool shade of an aspen grove, hear the tinkle of a stream, enhale the fresh air of 12000 feet. But then I opened my eyes and there are no mountains to the west to direct me, no patches of snow lingering in the shady parts of the yard just waiting for a ray of sun to reach there.

Just heat. Serious Texas Heat. And bugs. Lots of bugs.

We have been "back" for almost 4 months and where that time has gone I haven't a clue - I still have boxes to unpack and drawers to organize and summer camps and doctors to find. Today was the kids' last day of school and I am so very proud of them for making this leap, this journey with the humor and the grace and the simple ease - and I know it has not been easy - that they have exhibited.

I miss the mountains. They became a part of me as much as old country roads, bluebonnets and yes, once, even the heat once were, always will be. But I am also excited for the next chapter, the next road to open before me. I just wish it didn't shimmer with heat waves....

And I am excited to see old friends and meet new ones. To relearn the backroads, to savor the best BBQ, to eat Blue Bell and drink a little Shiner Bock. To re-experience the insanity of a Texas football game. To spend time with family too long absent.... Hello, old friends.