Monday, October 13, 2008

I Sure Do Miss....

It seems with every trip home during the last two or three years, a new business or restaurant has made their arrival in Seguin.

What are some businesses and/or restaurants that contain great memories that you would love to see re-open? Here's my list:

The Corral (we spent some great weekends dancing to Firefox and the Emotions)
K & N Drive-In (this was a drive-in restaurant on Kingsbury Street that had the BEST steak fingers and root beer that was served in an icy mug)
Lehman's Five and Dime (off the square on Austin Street. They had great burgers and Borden's icecream that was served out of a machine. They also had those stools that spun in circles if you chose to sit at the bar)
Candies ( many memories of walking back and forth from Gattis to Candies on Friday and Saturday nights)
Baenzigers and Wuests Grocery Stores (these up-to-date "super" markets just can't beat our two family-owned stores)

How about your list? Share it with us...