Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Old Friends

The other day, if I breathed deeply enough and shut my eyes, I could almost feel the cool shade of an aspen grove, hear the tinkle of a stream, enhale the fresh air of 12000 feet. But then I opened my eyes and there are no mountains to the west to direct me, no patches of snow lingering in the shady parts of the yard just waiting for a ray of sun to reach there.

Just heat. Serious Texas Heat. And bugs. Lots of bugs.

We have been "back" for almost 4 months and where that time has gone I haven't a clue - I still have boxes to unpack and drawers to organize and summer camps and doctors to find. Today was the kids' last day of school and I am so very proud of them for making this leap, this journey with the humor and the grace and the simple ease - and I know it has not been easy - that they have exhibited.

I miss the mountains. They became a part of me as much as old country roads, bluebonnets and yes, once, even the heat once were, always will be. But I am also excited for the next chapter, the next road to open before me. I just wish it didn't shimmer with heat waves....

And I am excited to see old friends and meet new ones. To relearn the backroads, to savor the best BBQ, to eat Blue Bell and drink a little Shiner Bock. To re-experience the insanity of a Texas football game. To spend time with family too long absent.... Hello, old friends.