Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where has the time gone....

Where has the time gone? I see it passing everyday in the faces of my children - somehow they have grown from babies to little people with opinions and voices and wills of their own. I see it in my own face, when I see a photo of myself and recognize my mother or sister. I see it in some of the things I say, things I thought I would never say - when I hear my parents' words coming out of my voice.
Tonight my husband said, "You realize, when Amanda (our oldest) goes to college, Lauren (our youngest) will be Amanda's age now." He said it with a mixture of despair and wonder - as in, will we ever be free of soccer games and birthday parties.
And my immediate reply was, "Thank God." As tired as we get of the running and sleepless nights, I believe that all too soon, we will ask, "Where has the time gone?" and that the only answer we will hear is the memories of these days and a longing for this time.



Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard Trace Adkins "You're Gonna Miss This"? The song hits home to what you're describing.

And to think I use to cringe when mom wanted to go down "memory lane".

Anonymous said...

And now what a gift it would be to walk down that lane with our Moms..